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“I'm so thankful to Watts Guerra.”
The past 3 years have been extremely difficult for our family but your client managers' cooperation and communication have helped us tremendously. Thank you.
Tillman Family
Watts Guerra Client
“Thank you so much!”
I am so thankful for your sincere and caring conversations as we discussed my mom's claim! I really appreciated your concise, yet detailed questioning needed to complete her claim.
Michelle Barnhart
Watts Guerra Client
“I appreciate you.”
Thank you to your attorneys and claim managers for your differing assistance with this difficult lawsuit during this pandemic and otherwise challenging times. Know that I appreciate your responsiveness, knowledgeable answers to my questions, patience, and courtesy.
Susan Kullman
Watts Guerra Client
“I couldn't have done it without you, you made it better just from the first call.”
I can't thank you enough for going the extra mile and making this process so much easier for my family and me. Thank you for being a listening ear and being available at any time to answer all my questions. No matter how small, you answered the best you could. I will definitely remember. You left an everlasting impression of true care and concern for our hardship.
Monica Evans
Watts Guerra Client
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