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Dr. Heinz Huber

Dr. Heinz Huber is an analytical chemist with more than twenty years of experience in industrialand academic settings. He is the president of Edelweiss Technology Solutions, a consulting firmspecializing in method development, instrumentation optimization and technology developmentfor chemical analysis of ambient air and solid materials. Dr. Huber is specifically familiar with thePTR-MS instrument, which is used to measure trace quantities of the emissions in East Palestine.He is the main author of the ASTM method on quantification of PTR-MS based analyses and holdsa patent on improving the performance of this type of instrument.

His background includes ambient air monitoring for illicit materials and trace amounts of airtoxics, radiological work at the on-site laboratory of the Dep. of Energy Hanford superfund site inEastern Washington state, academic research at UCLA and field work for the Austrian Academyof Science. He (co-)authored 32 publications in peer reviewed journals and dozens of reports andabstracts to scientific conferences, and holds D.Sc. degree from the University of Vienna, Austria.
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