About Us
East Palestine Justice is a team of attorneys, environmental activists, and scientific and medical experts representing community members affected by Norfolk Southern’s negligence. Our team is unafraid of taking on giant corporations, like Norfolk Southern, who routinely hide their culpability, while injuring people in the blind pursuit of profit.

Famed environmental advocate Erin Brockovich and longtime water expert Robert W. Bowcock will work, alongside our team of attorneys and medical experts, to ensure that Norfolk Southern is held accountable for causing known carcinogens and other highly toxic and harmful chemicals to be released into the environment in and around East Palestine, ultimately contaminating the air, water, and soil.

Spearheading the fight against Norfolk Southern is trial lawyer Mikal Watts, who was recently appointed to a leadership team of attorneys helping women and their families hold drug companies accountable for damages for acetaminophen usage in pregnancy, causing autism in their children. Watts is also taking on pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson to compensate the scores of women who developed ovarian cancer and other potentially fatal ailments from using asbestos-laced talc products.

Ohio attorney Thomas W. Bevan, the founding partner of Bevan and Associates LPA, Inc., is our on-the-ground representative seeking justice for the community. Bevan’s firm has represented over 40,000 individuals, and he was the first lawyer to win a jury trial in Summit County on behalf of a rubber worker who died from asbestos-related cancer.